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Cheque Scanners

Implement the right cheque solution so you can process your business’ cheques quickly and more accurately

CR 190i ll Cheque Scanner
CR L1 Cheque Scanner

Fast & Accurate

Our Cheque Scanners are able to scan up to 45 cheques per minute without sacrificing accuracy.

Small & Compact

Designed to fit areas with limited work space, our Cheque Scanners are the perfect portable product for any location.

High Quality Images

With Canon’s advanced binarization technology, you can scan cheques with busy graphic backgrounds or low-contrast text.

Let Gemsys do the Scanning

Easy-to-use solutions for high-volume batch Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) and remote lockbox cheque processing.

Get a complimentary no obligation service which includes a detailed review of the cash cycle within your business and recommendations to eliminate cash handling pain points inherent within your processes. 

What does my business need?

Get a comprehensive assessment of your existing operations, take the first step and book a free cash handling assessment with Gemsys now

Cash Handling Solutions from Experts

Cheque Scanners -  your cheques? Scanned

Cheque Scanners, available to purchase from Gemsys Money Handling Systems Inc

Cheque Scanners

CR 190i II

Cheque Scanners


Cheque Scanners


Cheque Scanners



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