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Products Built for the Grocery & Supermarket Industry

RCS700 Active

Cash flows into your back office on a daily basis, it needs to be counted and balanced, secured quickly and efficiently and ready to be allocated to the next cashier of shift.


Gemsys WebSafe provides a hardware and software cash management and control solution configurable to meet the needs for Quick Service Restaurants, Convenience Stores, retail businesses and supermarkets.

CountEasy TS

The CountEasy TS (touch screen) delivers greater cash handling efficiencies than any other count by weight scale in the world. 

grocery checkout transaction between woman and cashier

Provide an

In-Store Experience That Brings The Customer Back Time and Time Again.

GEMSYS provides effective cash management solutions that allow Grocery Stores and Supermarkets to reduce labour costs associated with handling cash. By reducing the operational and administrative burdens at the store level and providing remote access to information at the regional or head office level numerous efficiencies are gained.

  • Self service devices that allow cashiers to dispense and deposit their own coin and currency  at the start and end of shift.

  • Provide cash +/- and other management reports for various stakeholders such as treasury, internal audit, loss prevention in real time.

  • Provide connectivity to bank and armoured carrier in order to facilitate provisional credit for funds in the device.

Other benefits include the ability to reduce in-store cash holdings of coins and small bills, reduce the number of cash pick up’s or deliveries required from the armored car service,

Increase Security

Counting and handling banknotes manually is time consuming, prone to errors and inefficient. Implement the right banknote solution for your business.

Cash Accountability

Issuing multiple floats, performing cash pick-up’s and end of shift cashing up throughout the day takes time and requires multiple resources. Implementing a effective cash management solution reduces labour costs and unnecessary administrative costs all while providing end to end accountability.

Reduce Cash on Hand

A cash recycler will automate the issuing and redemption of cash drawers, and allow coins and small denomination banknotes to be recycled efficiently. Cash on hand for floats can be returned to the bank.

Customer Engagement and Retention

In a low margin high volume business like the grocery industry customer engagement and retention rank highest in the ever growing list of KPI matrix used to measure your continued success. Dealing with cash in the twenty first century requires a twenty first century approach

With over 30 years of experience in cash handling automation and technology solutions for a broad range of industries. Gemsys extensive experience and knowledge of our customers specific challenges allows us to help you focus on serving your customers, take the first step and book a free cash handling assessment today!.

Leaders in Cash Handling Automation


“We installed a coin and bill recycling machine that was recommended by Gemsys Money Handling Systems. The machine was recommended as a way for us to reduce the amount of time the cashiers and cash office staff handled money. In addition, we were striving to reduce cash balancing differences and implement tighter controls. The machine was configured to meet our requirements for dispensing cashier floats, as well as cashier end of shift deposits. Cashiers are now able to receive their start of day cash float themselves without supervisor intervention. At the end of their shift they simply make their deposit to the machine. Cash handling time has been reduced and cash variances have declined. The machine has performed as promised and I would recommend this solution for any business facing the same challenges we were facing” - Kevin Shay / Canadian Tire

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