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Gemsys WebSafe provides a hardware and software cash management and control solution configurable to meet the needs for Quick Service Restaurants, Convenience Stores, retail businesses and supermarkets.

Inlane 300

INLANE 300 is part of CIMA’s CASH@POS range. It is an entry-level compact, consumer-facing note and coin recycling solution designed to be implemented at the Point of Sale (POS).


The SDM504S can be configured with four recycling drums having a capacity up to 500 notes each, and with an innovative stacking bag for storing and collecting the money for deposit.

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Automation is bringing new trends to the retail industry

Managing cash in retail businesses effectively can provide substantial benefits. Reducing manual handling, eliminating exposure to acceptance of counterfeit, reducing cash holdings, reducing cash pick up’s, all of these benefits and more can be achieved with the use of cash automation solutions designed to meet your unique operational requirements. In lane bank note and coin recyclers eliminate the need for cashiers to handle cash and provide an automated more efficient payment method for your customers. Talk to us to day regarding cash automation technology.

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Cashiers are now able to receive their start of day cash float themselves without supervisor intervention. At the end of their shift they simply make their deposit to the machine. Cash handling time has been reduced and cash variances have declined. I would recommend this solution for any business.

Kevin Shay - Canadian Tire 600

L'un des meilleurs achats que nous ayons faits pour économiser du temps et de l'argent; les économies sont énormes, le délai de récupération se fait en moins d'un an. Le choix est vraiment simple!

Daniel Leroux – Canadian Tire 094

The Recycler allows us to issue floats directly to the cashiers at the start of their shift and deposit their bills and loose coin at the end of the shift. In addition to these operational efficiencies, we have much better control over the cash inventory in our business, and a complete audit trail of cash movement

Justin Young - Canadian Tire 365 & 935

One of the best purchases we made to save time and money, the savings are huge, payback in less than a year. Really, it is a "no brainer”!

Daniel Leroux – Canadian Tire 094

WebSafe is one of the best cost saving measures we have implemented. Making bank deposits quick and easy

Gerry Feist - Canadian Tire 288 & 855

Le recycleur nous permet d'émettre des flottants directement aux caissiers au début de leur quart et de déposer leurs billets et monnaie à la fin du quart. En plus de ces exemples d'efficacité opérationnelle, on maîtrise beaucoup mieux les stocks d'argent au sein de l'entreprise, en plus d'avoir une piste de vérification complète des mouvements de trésorerie."

Justin Young - Canadian Tire 365 & 935

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Increase Security

Counting and handling banknotes manually is time consuming, prone to errors and inefficient. Implement the right banknote solution for your business.

Customer Focus

Reducing administrative tasks associated with handling cash in your business, will allow you to direct more attention to the customer experience and driving sales

Less Headaches

Implementing an efficient cash handling process will reduce administrative time and unnecessary labour costs. 

Retail Technology

Many retail businesses do not have efficient cash handling processes in place. What are outdated processes and inefficient old equipment costing your business.

"WebSafe is one of the best cost saving measures we have implemented. Making bank deposits quick and easy."

Gerry Feist, Canadian Tire Dealer

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With over 30 years of experience in cash handling automation and technology solutions for a broad range of industries. Gemsys extensive experience and knowledge of our customers specific challenges allows us to help you focus on serving your customers, take the first step and book a free cash handling assessment today.

Leaders in Cash Handling Automation

Canadian Tire

Implementing the Gemsys WebSafe cash management solution allowed Canadian Tire to optimize their resources. The total time spent dropped dramatically, they now spend only 1 hour per day completing paperwork (cashier vouchers, payment slips, tender slips and price overrides) as well as cheque deposits and spend only 1 day per week balancing their cash.

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