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Products Built for the Restaurant Industry


Gemsys WebSafe provides a hardware and software cash management and control solution configurable to meet the needs for Quick Service Restaurants, Convenience Stores, retail businesses and supermarkets.

CountEasy TS

The CountEasy TS (touch screen) delivers greater cash handling efficiencies than any other count by weight scale in the world. 

Inlane 300

INLANE 300 is part of CIMA’s CASH@POS range. It is an entry-level compact, consumer-facing note and coin recycling solution designed to be implemented at the Point of Sale (POS).

Increase Security

Counting and handling banknotes manually is time consuming, prone to errors and inefficient. Implement the right banknote solution for your business.

Guest Experience

Focusing on the guest experience will ultimately drive sales up and increase repeat visits. But how can your managers accomplish this with so many things to do throughout the day. Counting and handling cash can consume many hours, so how can I change this

Managers Time

Reducing complexity in your business will allow you to re-direct managers time back to the guest. Implementing an efficient effective cash management solution will save hours and pay dividends

Mitigating Risk

Dealing with cash on a daily basis presents internal and external risks. Effective cash management and cash handling will reduce risk, save time and reduce cash discrepancies

"The Gemsys WebSafe system has been a game changer for our restaurant. The seamless transition to this system was amazing. It has saved countless hours on cash balancing and labour. I highly recommend this system."

Chuck Soulliere, Owner / Operator at McDonald's

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McDonalds McCafe Bag

With over 30 years of experience in cash handling automation and technology solutions for a broad range of industries. Gemsys extensive experience and knowledge of our customers specific challenges allows us to help you focus on serving your customers, take the first step and book a free cash handling assessment today!.

Leaders in Cash Handling Automation

Tim Hortons

After deciding to implement the Gemsys WebSafe solution to automate the cash handling process from the point of sale onward. This gave managers more time to serve guests, manage team members, reduce waste and drive profit to the bottom line. 98% of the cash received at the POS can be secured by the system and never recounted by a manager. Becoming increasingly popular in the QSR market, this product delivers on its promise to give managers back their time. 

Owner Ashley Gilson & staff member standing outside of Ottawa Tim Hortons location
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Effective operators and Managers focus on the guest experience for each and every visit

Staff retention, and ever increasing labour costs are challenging the best operators. There is no magic pill, single solution, or simple way to remain viable and profitable, so where should you start. Reducing complexity and re-focusing managers attention on the guest experience is a good place to begin. By providing the right cash management solutions, cash processes can be simplified and valuable TIME saved, enhanced security features will reduce cash losses and potential for internal and external theft. WEBSAFE™ cash management solutions, Smart safes and cash recyclers, Payment Kiosks, and POS coin dispensers are all allowing savvy operators to reduce the burden of manual cash processing and provide the TIME required to do what matters – Looking after your guests and ensuring they are totally satisfied.

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