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The Canon CR120 series scanners are small but fast cheque scanning devices that sit conveniently on any counter-top where space is at a premium. Enhance traditional cheque processing with the easy to operate Canon CR-120 compact cheque transport. The CR120 is designed and built with high-speed, high-quality and precise processing capabilities and reliable item handling. Process paper cheques and related documents at the front-counter quickly and accurately or for merchant/remote deposit capture (RDC) applications and remittance processing. The CR120 scanner employs precise magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) reading of code line data, and also captures greyscale images of both sides of each cheque. Powerful OCR software then reads the characters from the scanned image and cross-check them using a unique algorithm to ensure maximum accuracy.


Type - Compact Cheque Transport 

Document Feeding - Automatic 

Document Size - Width: 2.7" - 4.3", Length: 3.5”– 9.6” 

Document Weight - Automatic Feeding: 0.003” – 0.008” (17 – 40 lb. Bond) 

Feeder Capacity - 150 Sheets Scanning Element - Contact Image Sensor (CMOS) Light Source - RGB LED Scanning Modes - Greyscale, Black and White, Fine Text Filtering, Error Diffusion, 256- Level Greyscale, 16-Level Greyscale, 24-bit Colour (card scan only) 

Optical Resolution - 600 dpi 

Output Resolution - 100/120/150/200/240/300/600 dpi (600 dpi for card scanning only) Greyscale - 256-Level, 16-Level Black and White & Greyscale Scanning Speeds - Up to 120 cpm (Simplex / Duplex)

Technical Specifications

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