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Cheque Solutions
Built for Your Business

Cheques are the primary payment method for most B2B organizations, and account for over 50 percent of B2B remittances. Scanning the cheque image and capturing MICR, as well as the OCR/CAR optical character and courtesy/legal amount recognition will allow you to make an electronic cheque deposit.

Cheque book and printed article

Deposit Remotely

Don’t waste time visiting the local bank or ATM, make your cheque deposit from the comfort of your own office.

Easy to use

Smooth, jam-free feeding at the touch of a button every time. Our products are built to be used by anyone and everyone.

Precise Processing

Cheque transports can assist in moving paper cheques and related documents in front-counter teller settings, merchant/remote deposit capture (RDC) applications, and remittance processing, as well as higher-volume tasks such as back-office/branch settings, and lockbox applications.

Streamline Your Cheque and Remittance Processing Operations

It’s not the number of cheques that you handle in your business on a daily basis, it’s the way you handle them that really counts.

Get a complimentary no obligation service which includes a detailed review of the cash cycle within your business and recommendations to eliminate cash handling pain points inherent within your processes. 

What does my business need?

Cheque Technology

Built for Your Business

Scan and deposit cheques remotely and eliminate that trip to the bank. Speak with us today regarding cheque automation technology

Cheque Encoders

Shorten your cheque encoding cycle and get fast and accurate solutions with Gemsys Cheque Encoders

Cheque Scanners

Scan with ease and get high-quality images with Gemsys Cheque Scanners.


Who we serve

grocery checkout transaction between woman and cashier

GEMSYS provides effective cash management solutions that allow Grocery Stores and Supermarkets to reduce labour costs associated with handling cash. By reducing the operational and administrative burdens at the store level and providing remote access to information at the regional or head office level numerous efficiencies are gained.

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