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Customer Satisfaction

From boosting productivity to increasing your customer satisfaction rates, there’s no limit to the benefits of QLess to your business. QLess improves customer satisfaction up to 99%.


QLess helps your business overcome problems that alienate customers and impact your bottom line with a simple, easy-to-use solution. QLess increases revenue up to 50%.

Virtual Call-Back Queues

Avoid waiting room congestion. Customers join a queue remotely and receive a callback or video conference on their mobile phone when you are ready to speak with them. Customers know their place in line and their wait time.

QLess lineup on IPad

Remote Queuing

Disperse crowded lobbies by allowing customers to get in line from home, their vehicle, or work. They are told via SMS or App their wait time and when to arrive in the lobby.


Give customers flexibility. Interactive appointments provide reminder texts and the ability to cancel, tell you they’re running late, or reschedule right from their phone. Crowded lobbies are gone and no-shows decrease.

Save Time

Our most important resource is time, and QLess eliminates waiting with our award-winning queue management system and appointment scheduling app. QLess boosts operation efficiencies up to 90%.

Qless Technology

Not only does this customer chain management system drastically cut back on lines and wait times, it also gives you features to collect data and analytics that will help you plan promotions, collect customer surveys with a high return rate, find areas of business operations that need improvement, and even create incentive programs for employees. Use easy to read reports and graphs to record customer preferences, no-show and walk-out rates, transaction types and times, and other outcomes. Request a free business demo of our Enterprise Virtual Queue Management System today.

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Configured for you.

For many businesses and industries, customers are faced with long lines and wait times that drive satisfaction down, impair the business’s daily operations, and simply drive patrons away. This causes losses in revenue, vulnerability to competition, and can be detrimental to a business’s reputation.


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