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CCI Unit

Configured for you.

Some retail and Quick Service restaurant (QSR’s) operations touch banknotes multiple times per day from point of acceptance to point of deposit. With a Counter Cache Intelligent (CCi) installed at the POS, you’ll only have to touch it once. Cash is accepted by the cashier and does not have to be touched again until it gets to the bank. CCi is the smallest intelligent depository on the market today, and streamlines your cash handling processes to provide substantial operational and accounting efficiencies.

Use CCi as a stand alone device or integrate with Websafe™ cash management software to manage, monitor and perform cash balancing operations efficiently and in a fraction of the time. Scalable and configurable, the CCi units are able to provide total visibility and control of cash transactions down to the deposit transaction level across your entire business.




  • Physical cash processing becomes virtually obsolete, freeing-up key personnel to devote their time to customer focused activities

  • One-touch cash handling, from the customer to the bank

  • Banknotes are validated for authenticity, counted, stacked and secured with 100% accuracy

  • Case studies show CCi reduces cash processing costs by as much as 75%

  • CCi can be integrated with any EPOS system

  • Cash reconciliation and bank reports are generated when integrated with Websafe cash management software

  • Small compact design for easy installation at any POS

  • Easy to use with minimal training

  • Deposit option to tamper evident bag or cassette available

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Cashier & Customer interacting
  • Safely store banknotes at each POS to reduce single point of storage in back office safes, will store up to 500 banknotes for Standard CCi and up to 900+ for High Capacity CCi.

  • POS security is improved, and will help mitigate risk associated with internal or external threats

  • Staff feel safer when cash is minimized at the POS

  • Banknotes are inserted directly into a tamper evident bag or cassette reducing the requirement to perform cash pick up’s or skims from the POS

  • Makes investigation of cash anomalies fast and decisive

  • Detects and rejects all known forgeries, so acceptance of counterfeit bills is elliminated

  • Data is cached and cash protected in the event of power failure

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Loss Prevention Efficiencies

Accounting Efficiencies

  • Bar-coded pouches provide full audit trail from point of acceptance at thew POS to the bank deposit process

  • CCi has validated billions of dollars of cash over 12 years

  • Reduce risks and improve operational efficiencies by spending less time handling banknotes multiple times

  • Count accuracy accepted by CiT companies and banks

  • Full visibility and control of all cash transactions for treasury and audit purposes

  • System alerts via email or text help reduce

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Data graphs on a macbook pro screen

The CCi is available with a cassette for those customers who have a need to recycle bank notes within their store, for example to self-fill ATMs. The CCi cassette is completely interchangeable with the pouch carrier and can be supplied with or without a key lock for added security. Tamper evident seals are also available to provide a full audit trail and the capacity of the cassette is approximately 400 bank notes.

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CCi cassette

Cash cassettes for CCI unit

Technical Specifications


Note Feed - Short edge, single note

Speed - < 3 seconds per note stacking capacity

Security - Three levels; door lock, keyplate & stacker lock

Pouch capacity - Up to 500 notes

Detection technology - Size, UV, Magnetic, IR

Polymer capable - Yes

Currencies available - All major currencies available

Communication interfaces - Ethernet and Bluetooth, USB, RS232

Firmware upgrade - Via ethernet, RS232 or USB

Real time clock - Yes

Event logging - 8000 events, 50 pouches on a FIFO basis stored internally

User interface - Three LED interface

Dimensions - Width 143mm 5.62” x Depth 285mm 11.22” x 

Height - 265 mm 10.43”

Net weight - 6.6 kg 14.55 lbs

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