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Coin Solutions

Gemsys provides a wide range of coin counters and sorters to meet the requirements of our varied customer needs. From small desktop devices to larger industrial scale applications Gemsys coin counting and handling solutions are in operation across North America 7 days per week 365 days per year.

Counting a jar of coins by hand

Built Tough

Counting and wrapping coins commercially can be hard work if you don’t have the right equipment. Gemsys provides a wide selection of coin counters and sorters to meet the requirements of our customers varied needs.

Fast and Efficient

Stop wasting time struggling to get the job done with old equipment. Having the right equipment to perform sorting and wrapping coins is a must for any commercial operation.


Our fast and efficient coin processing equipment will allow you to Sort-Count-wrap mixed coins in one operation and with minimal effort. Off sort foreign coins automatically and reduce problems

You can count on us

Counting, sorting and wrapping coins takes time and effort, so with so many models of machines available how do I know what’s right for my operation? Let one of our professionals help take the guesswork out of your hands and recommend the solution that best fits your requirements.

Get a complimentary no obligation service which includes a detailed review of the cash cycle within your business and recommendations to eliminate cash handling pain points inherent within your processes. 

What does my business need?

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Coin Handling Technology

Built for Your Business

Gemsys provides the expertise, guidance, equipment and services to help your business implement successful coin sorting and wrapping operation with improved productivity and less downtime.

Coin Counters & Sorters

Avoid human error, get fast and accurate solutions with Gemsys Currency Counters.

Coin & Bill Changers

Give your customers fast and accurate change with Gemsys Coin & Bill Changers.

Automatic Coin Wrappers

Don’t waste time wrapping coins, focus on what matters and let us do everything else.


Who we serve

grocery checkout transaction between woman and cashier

GEMSYS provides effective cash management solutions that allow Grocery Stores and Supermarkets to reduce labour costs associated with handling cash. By reducing the operational and administrative burdens at the store level and providing remote access to information at the regional or head office level numerous efficiencies are gained.

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