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How Canadian Tire Store 152 Streamlined Their Cash Handling Process

Prior to implementing WebSafe, Canadian Tire Store 152 was spending up to 8 hours per day/56 hours a week in the cash office. They counted their cash trays daily, completed paperwork daily and made bank deposits daily.

Store 152 began looking at different solutions to improve their cash processing and got in touch with Gemsys for information on how their processes could be improved.


Implementing the Gemsys WebSafe cash management solution allowed them to optimize their resources. The total time spent dropped dramatically. Store 152 now spends 1 hour per day completing paperwork (cashier vouchers, payment slips, tender slips and price overrides) as well as cheque deposits and spend only 1 day per week balancing their cash.

The installation of the new Gemsys system took very little time and set the store up with proper training material. Gemsys remained readily accessible for any questions post training in order to make the transition easy.

When the store first met with Gemsys they were promised that the solution would not only reduce labour hours but improve cash control and security and they saw these improvements very early on.

During one instance, they received a notice from the bank of a $560.00 shortage. However, with the confidence in their new cash management process, they disputed the shortage and won!

The WebSafe software and the Gemsys team helped provide an audit trail to support their video footage that allowed them to successfully persuade the bank to refund the $560.00.

Store 152 was more than happy with the service and increased cash control security provided by the Gemsys WebSafe cash management solution. Support is provided through an ongoing service agreement and they would happily work with Gemsys again for any future cash processing requirements.



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