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Tim Hortons Staff Report Spending More Time On The Floor

Tim Hortons Staff Report Spending More Time On The Floor

Ashley needs her managers on the floor in front of guests while having peace of mind regarding the security of the cash in her restaurant and confidence in how cash is being handled.

The morning shift counts and balancing weretaking 1 hour and 30 minutes every day.

Main Objective

Main Challenge

Other Challenges

The bank is pushing us to use night deposits because they don't want to take the cash at the counter. I am reluctant to implement this change because of the stories I have heard regarding losses and bank chargebacks from other owners doing night deposits.

We skim only in the afternoon using drop safes at the counter and we have shortages

Ashley needs a secure and accurate way to verify the count before it leaves her stores and reaches the bank to prevent losses and chargebacks.


Cash is secured at the POS which automatically reduces cash touchpoints and the amount of cash to be counted at the end of the shift and end of day.

Cash moves from customer to cashier, from cashier to a secure depository (CCi™) & is tracked with WebSafe™.

"The biggest benefit is my manager are on the floor a great deal more! My overnight staff have less cash exposed in the tills and have stated that they feel much more secure. Overall GEMSYS has been great! The team is always very responsive when I have a question. Without hesitation, I have brought several owners into my business to see what GEMSYS WebSafe™ has done for me. The solution reduces labor, improves cash security and count accuracy"

Ashley Gilson - Owner/Operator


My managers no longer have to do skims. Skims are completed directly at the POS. The GEMSYS WebSafe™ solution secured and provided a verified count of the cash on store premises. It also meant significant labor savings for my business. It was clearly the direction to go. The morning shift counts and balancing were taking 1 hour and 30 minutes. This has been reduced to just 30 minutes.

Reducing the time spent counting and managing cash allows staff and managers to focus on more productive critical tasks such as: enhancing the guest experience, operational efficiencies, managing costs such as food costs, paper costs, waste etc. most importantly, making sure the business runs smoothly and profitably.

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