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How Tejas Shah's Kwick Stop Esso Uses WebSafe

Prior to WebSafe, Tejas Shah’s Kwick Stop Esso would make multiple drops during the day and would have to count between 15-20 envelopes per day. He would have to open each one to confirm that it had the correct dollar value and combine the count of all of the envelopes to make up a single deposit. They would spend between 90-120 minutes per day handling cash. Now they only spend 10 minutes per day! The time savings has allowed him to spend additional time focusing on growing his business.


With the implementation of WebSafe, Shah’s staff is now able to skim money when each transaction occurs, which means they no longer have to make deposit drops throughout the shift. The cash is now more secure, has been checked for counterfeit, and managers are able to spend more time focusing on helping their customers. At the end of each shift, WebSafe tells their employees how much they have skimmed, and they then enter their cash total into the POS system to complete their shift. WebSafe accumulates the money into a single pouch, and they now only have to remove & deposit the pouches once Shah receives a notification that they are full. This means he no longer has to manually count any money, as WebSafe tells him how much is in each pouch, and prints the bank deposit report. The pouches are then sent directly to the bank and the deposit is 100% accurate each time.

After using WebSafe for a number of months and seeing the benefits, Shah installed the cash solution in his other location. Tejas highly recommends WebSafe to any operator looking to save time, increase cash security, and improve their quality of work life balance.



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