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WebSafe™ Cash Management Solution

Reduce the handling of banknotes at the POS, reduce cash touch points and improve security.

WebSafe™ cash management solutions help reduce the complexity of cash processing at numerous QSR’s (quick service restaurants) by ensuring cash handling is simple, secure and accurate. WebSafe™ users report:

  • Less complexity in their cash handling processes

  • Improved deposit accuracy, fewer cash variances and significant time savings!

WebSafe™ units installed at the POS (point of sale) secure the banknotes which don’t have to be touched again improving health and safety for crew members

Here’s what some of our WebSafe™ users are saying!

"The GEMSYS WebSafe system has been a game changer for our restaurant. The seamless transition to this system was amazing. It has saved countless hours on cash balancing and labour. I highly recommend this system.

Chuck Soulliere, Owner / Operator of McDonald's Hanover & Listowel

During the early days of COVID-19, it was reassuring to know that our folks did not handle more money than they needed to. The fact that the majority of money only touched one hand allowed us to have one further control measure already in place.

Rory MacKinnon, Owner / Operator McDonald’s Alliston, Caledon, Angus, Shomberg & Orangeville

The list is endless on how we can use the time saved by the GEMSYS WebSafe solution. We have found the reconciliation of deposits is quick and easy and much more accurate. Our cash plus and minus has improved since the installation of GEMSYS WebSafe in a short time has more than paid for itself and eased the stress of operating our business for both our management and crew.

Brent Kelly, Owner / Operator of McDonald’s Collingwood & Wasaga Beach, Ontario

“The time savings from not counting and recounting the same funds is immeasurable. Cash shortages are much easier to pinpoint and management is more productive. They do not have to take time away from more pressing duties to skim the float and transport it to the office safe. Our team members are able to immediately skim excess and/or larger denomination bills into the WebSafe's that are installed at each point of sale.”

Erika Howe-Gallagher, Tim Hortons Owner/Operator



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