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Automatic Coin Wrappers

Implementing the right automatic coin wrapper will allow you to reduce operational costs, reduce manual handling of coins and speed up the coin processing operation

LPC3 Automatic Coin Wrapper
LAC-17 Automatic Coin Wrapper

   User Friendly

Our Coin Wrappers are incredibly easy to use. Just select the denomination and press Start.

   Fast & Accurate

Our Automatic Coin Wrappers can count up to 3,000 coins per minute resulting in 40 rolls per minute.

   Easy Maintenance

Designed with easy maintenance in mind, our Coin Wrappers can be checked and cleaned easily from the inside.

Reduce the cost of wrapping coins

Automatic coin wrappers will reduce the time and effort needed to wrap coins using manual coin machine

When it comes to processing large volumes of coin having the right equipment is not a luxury it’s a necessity. A complimentary no obligation assessment of your coin room operations will allow us to provide you with insights into efficient processing of loose coins, reducing movement and lifting of coins to minimize potential risk of injury, equipment selection and placement for optimum efficiency.

What does my business need?

Get a comprehensive assessment of your existing operations, take the first step and book a free cash handling assessment with Gemsys now

Cash Handling Solutions from Experts

Reduce manual handling of coins

Allow coin room staff to focus on other aspects of the operation while the machines are wrapping the coins for deposit

Automatic Coin Wrappers


Automatic Coin Wrappers



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