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Laurel LAC17 is the culmination of a 60 year legacy of coin machine innovation and excellence. Manufactured in Japan to meet the highest level of quality and engineering, the LAC17 cannot be beaten for high volume wrapping operations. With a rated wrapping speed of 40 rolls per minute, the LAC17 is an ideal product for continuous high volume coin wrapping environments. Easy to operate, the large LED operator display can be configured for multi language use. Denomination changes are fast and efficiently selected via the display.


Width - 450mm / 17.71” 

Depth - 630mm / 24.80” 

Height - 1085 mm / 42.71” 

Weight - 150kg / 330.69 lbs 

Power requirements - 110-120 VAC 60Hz 

Wrapping speed - Up to 40 rolls per minute Counting speed - Approx 3,000 coins per minute Hopper capacity - Approx 18,000 dimes Clear box capacity - Approx 2,000 coins Reject box capacity - Approx 800 coins Diameter range - 15-33 mm / 0.59-1.33" Thickness range - 1.0-3.5 mm /0.03 – 0.13"

Technical Specifications

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