All the industries that have embraced automation, changed beyond recognition. In the retail industry, the changes are visible. Automation is bringing new trends to the retail industry and impacting retail touch points and retail tech. Consumers are benefiting from it and so can small businesses.

The key factors driving the growth of retail automation are the:

  • Need to reduce costs
  • Competitive demands brought about by E-Commerce and on-line shopping alternatives
  • Demand from customers to improve service levels, maintain competitive pricing , and quality
  • Manage inventory levels and provide selection

National Seasonally Adjusted total monthly retail sales (less Autos & Gas) for June 2017 increased 6.6 percent over the comparable month last year, and increaded 1.1% versus the prior month. 

Managing cash in retail businesses effectively can provide substantial benefits. Reducing touch points, reducing manual handling, eliminating exposure to acceptance of counterfeit, reducing cash holdings, reducing cash pick up’s, all of these benefits and more can be acheived with the use of cash automation solutions designed to meet your unique operational requirements. Gemsys cash recyclers, WEBSAFE™ POS cash management solutions, are deployed across the Country helping retailer to focus on what matters – The customer experience and ensuring service levels remain high.

Some of our current and past clients are:

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