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The SDS-35, is a compact Smart Deposit System which validates, stores and secures banknotes effectively in high volume retail and POS environments. It represents a cost-effective method of cash management by improving accuracy, cash visibility and shrinkage protection. The SDS-35 is an ideal solution to cut the costs of cash handling banknotes through internal optimization. Whether for end-of-shift deposit or mid shift cash pulls/skims directly at the POS.
The SDS-35 can be integrated with the CashComplete™ Connect platform. This cloud-based payment management platform connects all cash management technology into one ecosystem to provide a comprehensive view across the entire organization. With CashComplete™ Connect, effective cash management is easier than ever.


Width - 8.2” (210mm)

Depth - 11.8” (300mm)

Height - 17.2” (437mm) / 31” (787mm) w/optional base

Weight - 48.8 lbs (22.1kg)

Power supply - 110/120 VAC 60 Hz

Deposit - MFL 4-way read self-centering

Storage capacity - Single cassette 1,000 banknotes

Electrical - voltage 90 – 240V AC, Frequency 50 – 60Hz, Power input 600W

Technical Specifications

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