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The SDM505S is a unique banknote deposit and recycling machine from CIMA. Equipped with five recycling drums each with 500 notes capacity plus an innovative stacking bag solution to store deposit funds (up to 4,000 notes) make the SDM505S an ideal solution for medium sized retail and hospitality environments. The unit manages up to 6,500 banknotes (2 ,500 in recycling, 4,000 in deposit).
The SDM505S can be integrated with an industry leading coin recycling machine to provide an efficient and intelligent cash management solution. Time spent on float preparation at the start of shift and the end of shift cash deposit process is greatly reduced, while security is enhanced. Operators login to the device using a Dallas key, PIN code or barcode badge to perform all transactions. Transaction confirmations are printed via the integrated thermal receipt printer.


Deposit Speed - 6 banknotes / second

Withdrawal speed - 5 banknotes / second

Deposit capacity - Up to 4,000 banknotes

Storage method - 5 Rolled storage modules (RSM’s)

Total recycling capacity - Up to 2,000 banknotes

Bill validator type - CIMA BV5000, Compliant with US Federal Reserve Standards, Multi-currency capable

Safe and security - Steel Strong Box (8mm), Ul291 24 H, CEN L, CEN III, CEN IV

Weight - From 250kg (551.16 lbs.) to 450kg (992.08 lbs.) according to the configuration

Width - 457mm (18in)

Depth - 686mm (27in)

Height - 1,245mm (49in)

Electrical - voltage 90 – 240V AC, Frequency 50 – 60Hz, Power input 600W

Technical Specifications

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