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The SB-9 provides fast and accurate counting of Canadian, U.S., Euro, Pound, and Yen currencies. It provides several modes of operation including “mixed” mode, giving you the ability to count mixed bills in a single pass and provide the total dollar value as well as the individual value for each denomination counted. Sort paper from polymer bills saving countless hours.
Utilizing the most reliable image processing technology combined with superior mechanical reliability the SB-9 delivers fast accurate results every time you use it. The SB9 counts the bills and records the denomination, value, piece count and serial numbers in a matter of seconds which can then be exported to an excel database.


Width - 269mm / 10.59”

Depth - 261 mm / 10.27”

Height - 280 mm / 11.02”

Weight - 8kg / 17.6 lbs

Power requirements - 110- 120 VAC /60Hz

Speed - 1,000 - 1,500 banknotes per minute

Batch settings - Five pre-set batches (10, 20, 25, 50,100) and variable 1 to 999 via numeric keypad

User display - 71.12mm/2.8” Graphic LCD Display

Counting modes - Single, Mixed, Face, Orient, Count

Hopper capacity - g500 banknotes

Stacker capacity - 200 banknotes

Reject capacity - 30 banknotes

Currencies - Canadian, U.S, Yen, Pound, Euro (others available upon request)

Technical Specifications

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