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The cash assessment examines each cash touch point and the security measures in place to protect your cash assets.

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Cash flows into your back office on a daily basis, it needs to be counted and balanced, secured quickly and efficiently and ready to be allocated to the next cashier of should be or shift. With the RCS-700 you take control of your cash through an efficient cash cycle that improves operational efficiency and security and tracks every transaction, from internal banknote handling to CIT operations, ensuring both time and cost savings


Software - CashComplete™ On-Device

Counting Speed (Deposit/Dispense) - 10 notes/second, up to 600 notes/minute continuous feed

Recycling/Deposit Capacity - 9,000 - 13,600 notes / 2,800 - 4,600 notes

Double Recycling Cassette - Yes, 1,800 + 450 notes = 2,250 note capacity

Denominations - Up to 8 denominations to be recycled (If using four Dual Recycling Cassettes)

Configurable Cassettes - 1-4 cassettes with single or double compartments

Size - 21” x 37” x 42” (53 x 93 x 105 cm)

Power and Frequency - 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Technical Specifications

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