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The NC7100 is a heavy duty and high performance currency discriminator with a dedicated reject pocket. Equipped with a very comprehensive user interface and an ergonomic design, the NC7100 comes with a 3.5 inch color display which provides operators with a clear visual of the counting results. The NC7100 incorporates the latest security standards providing the most comprehensive detection against counterfeit currency. It is able to process both Canadian and U.S. currency and can easily be switched between currencies with the push of a button. Its unique clam shell design makes it very easy for the operator to clean the machine and ensure worry free operation.


Width - 330mm / 12.99”

Depth - 330 mm / 12.99”

Height - 350 mm / 13.78”

Weight - 18kg / 39.68 lbs

Power consumption - 150 watts

Power requirements - 110-120 VAC 60Hz

Hopper capacity - 500 Banknotes

Stacker capacity - 250 Banknotes main pocket 50 Banknotes reject pocket

Speed - 1300 Banknotes/Min. (PieceCount), 1100 Banknotes/Min. (Denomination Count), 1100Banknotes/Min. (Serial Number Count), 1100 Banklnotes/Min. (Fitness Count)

Banknote detection - Dual CIS, Infrared reflection and transmission, Magnetic, Thickness Sensor, Ultraviolet.

Batch settings - Five pre-set batches (10, 20, 25, 50,100) and variable 1 to 999 via numeric keypad

Interface - LAN x1 RS-232 X 2 USB X 1 SD CARD X 1

Display - 88.9mm (3.5”) TFT colour touch display

Counting modes - Single, Mixed, Face, Orient, Count

Reject capacity - 30 banknotes

Technical Specifications

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