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Standard's Modular Series were designed for "simple function" coin dispensing. These changers are excellent coin & token change machines offering a variety of 'plug & play' options to help you customize the machine to your specific business needs. All of our Modular Series change machines have our "Fast Vend Shut-Off" feature that helps minimize loss from 'stringing' theft. The software recognizes when the same denomination has been inserted multiple times within a certain amount of time. When the number is reached, the machine automatically shuts down and restarts in 20 minutes.
The MC720 is a high security, heavy-duty front load cabinet made with heavy gauge steel and two t-handle locks. It is a great machine that can be used in commercial coin laundries, arcades, zoos, aquariums, haunted houses, batting cages, and miniature golf courses. With two steel coin hoppers, holding up to 6,400 quarters ($1,600 capacity), the MC720-DA can dispense coins, tokens or a combination of coins and tokens. Some customers have set up the MC720 to dispense a combination of quarters and dollar coins.


Width - 431.8mm / 17” 

Depth - 330.2mm / 13” 

Height - 711.2mm / 28” 

Weight - 63.5kg / 140 lbs 

Power requirements - 110-120 VAC 60Hz 

Coin hopper capacity  -hoppers 2 hoppers 6,400 approx quarters Banknote stacker capacity - 500 Banknotes Cabinet - Scratch resistant Lexan graphics Solid welded steel no rivets or spot welds. Finished with high gloss enamel powder coated paint

Technical Specifications

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