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Standard's Modular Series Credit Card changers allow credit card acceptance and tokens dispense. Available in your choice of hi-speed communication with your choice of Nayax VPOS, USA Technologies ePort, or Cryptopay credit card systems. These systems can use Ethernet Connection (Nayax), Cellular communication (Nayax or ePort), or a proprietary wireless communication (with the Cryptopay Coordinator). The MC315RL-CC has a 4-button Package Select kit allowing owners to set-up the package price and number of tokens they want to dispense, and an LCD display that provides prompts and feedback to the user.
The MC315RL-CC is ideal for in token car washes, self-serve bays or for vacuums and vendors. With one large, steel coin hopper, holding up to 5,200 "quarter-size"d tokens, owners have added token capacity for their customers. Several zoos use our credit card-to-tokens change machines to sell tokens for train rides, elephant and camel rides, or in bulk dispensers that contain fish food. These token dispensers have also been used at many carnivals and festivals for rides and games.


Width - 228.6mm / 9” Depth - 330.2mm / 13” Height - 812.8mm / 32” Weight - 61.23kg / 135 lbs Power requirements - 110-120 VAC 60Hz Coin hopper capacity - 1 hopper 5,200 approx quarters Banknote stacker capacity - 500 Banknotes Cabinet - Stainless steel face plate with applied Lexan graphics Solid welded steel no rivets or spot welds. Finished with high gloss enamel powder coated paint

Technical Specifications

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