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INLANE600 DEPO is part of CIMA’s CASH@POS range. It is a compact, consumer-facing note and coin recycling solution designed to be implemented at the Point of Sale (POS). It allows consumers to pay both notes and coins directly into the machine when paying by cash. The unit will count, store and dispense change back directly to the consumer. Our INLANE600 DEPO is an affordable note and coin recycling solution ideal for small – medium retail environments like pharmacy, bakery, convenience store and fashion/apparel with low – medium cash volumes at POS. INLANE600 DEPO features both recycling and surplus coin/note management.

Inlane 600

Model - Inlane 300 

Deposit Speed - 2 notes/second & 10 coins/second 

Dispense speed - 3 notes/second & 6 coins/second 

Recycling Capacity - 300 banknotes / 3635 coins 

Storage technology - Banknotes 3 roll storage modules, 6 Coin hoppers 

Storage capacity - Up to 1500 banknotes 

Power Supply - 110/120 VAC 60Hz 

Weight - 16.84 lbs (7.6 kg) 

Size - Width 520mm (20.47in) Depth 550mm (21.65in) Height 335mm (20.47in) 

Options - Customizable LED colors - Customizable coin outlet design (square or round) & Customizable device colors (black or grey)

Technical Specifications

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