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Despite its smaller size, the HSM Classic 125.2 Cross-Cut Shredder can rip through up to 18 sheets of paper and cut 516 cross-cut particles per page. Just as durable and strong as bigger HSM models, the 125.2 CC is the smallest recommended shredder for office use, and is able to fit almost anywhere and still maintain the same quality performance as a bigger shredder. The cross-cut particles are much smaller than strip-cut and can fit significantly more in the collection bin, and are more difficult to reassemble than strip-cut particles. Particles are collected into a 20-gallon bin that when full or open, automatically stops the shredder to prevent any spills or overflow. Its small particle sizes follow the requirements of a level 3 security shredder and is a safer shredder option than strip-cut when it comes to protecting sensitive information (such as client or patient info). The on/off switch is accompanied by the automatic start/stop function in addition to the integrated reversing function.

HSM Classic 125.2

Throat Size/Feed Opening - 10" (254mm) 

Shred Size - 1/8" (3.175mm)W x 1-1/8"(28.57mm)L 

Bin Capacity - 20 gal (75.7 Litres) 

Security Level - 3/P-4 Cut Type Cross Cut 

Sheet Capacity - 16-18 sheets NSA Evaluated N/A 

Shreds Credit Cards - Yes 

Shreds Paper Clips - Yes 

Shreds Staples - Yes 

Weight - 66 lbs. (29.93 Kgs) 

Height - 32-3/5" (828.04mm) 

Width - 17-3/5" (447.04mm) 

Depth - 13-3/5" (345.44mm) 

Voltage - 120 V

Technical Specifications

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