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The Classic 411.2 OMDD L6 High Security shredder by HSM is specially designed for the destruction of optical media. This NSA-EPL listed and TAA Compliant shredder thoroughly destroys CDs, credit and store cards creating 2,500 pieces per hour. With a shred size of 2.2mm x 4mm, it meets level 6 security requirements. With a 100% solid steel cutting cylinder and wear resistant rollers, the 411.2 is durable enough to withstand the additional wear and tear that comes with continual destruction of these harder materials.
As simple to use as it is powerful, the 411.2 OMDD has automatic start / stop with a photocell sensor that activates the shredder as soon as a disk is inserted and stops as soon as the last disk is shredded. An on/off rocker switch and easy to use keyboard with LED lights that show shredder status at a glance. The Classic 411.2 OMDD is designed to take 1 disk at a time but in the event that it is overloaded it comes equipped with JamStop Anti-Jam Technology which automatically reverses the shredder to clear the jam. The 411.2 OMDD has built in sensors which automatically stop shredding if the front door of the machine is open or if the large capacity waste bag is full, a red LED will alert the user if the door is ajar or that it's time to empty and replace the bag. The Classic 411.2 OMDD L6 shredder is made in Germany with the same quality construction and reliability that HSM Classic shredders have been known for since 1987. It is the perfect solution for any business or government agency that needs a high security method of destroying optical media.

HSM 411.2

Throat Size/Feed Opening - 16'' (406.4mm) 

Shred Size - 1/16" (0.0625mm)W x 9/16"(0.562mm)L 

Bin Capacity - 38.5 gal. (145.73 Litres) 

Security Level - 4/P-5 Cut Type Cross Cut 

Sheet Capacity - 26-28 sheets NSA Evaluated N/A 

Credit Card Destruction - Yes 

Paper Clip Destruction - Yes 

Staple Destruction - Yes 

Weight - 181 lbs.(82.1Kgs) 

Height - 37-4/5"(960.12mm) 

Width - 23-2/5"(594.36mm) 

Depth - 18-1/2"(469.9mm) 

Voltage - 120 V

Technical Specifications

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