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The CountEasy TS (touch screen) delivers greater cash handling efficiencies than any other count by weight scale in the world. Volumatic has designed and built the CountEasy TS with an easy to read and easy to understand icon based user interface that displays graphic elements to represent menu options. Your team members will need virtually no training to use it. Like your mobile phone or tablet, the high resolution full colour TFT screen only displays those functions that you need when you need them. Perform complex functions six times faster than counting by hand. The CountEasy TS can be carried effortlessly in one hand and operated from an AC power outlet or a rechargeable battery for up to 12 hours. Ideal for any environment that requires fast accurate counting of loose banknotes and loose coins. Speed up end of shift and end of day cash counting and balancing processes, the CountEasy TS is extremely versatile, and is available with or without an integrated printer.

CountEasy TS

Width - 150mm / 5.9”

Depth - 244 mm / 9.6”

Height - 145 mm / 5.7”

Weight - 0.91 kg / 2 lbs

Power requirements - 110 - 120 VAC /60Hz Adapter

Internal battery - Up to 8 hours fully charged

User display - 101.6mm(4”)high resolution full colour TFT display

Counting modes - Loose banknotes, Loose coins, Straps, Rolled coins

Output modes - Amount, Count, Total, Printer.

Communication - Automatic creation of time stamped file on the host (CSV Mode) for audit or interface purposes.

Technical Specifications

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