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The BN300 presents an exceptional solution for small businesses seeking efficiency in note handling. With its swift and accurate counting capabilities, accompanied by built-in counterfeit detection, it streamlines cash management processes effortlessly. Simply load your currency into the hopper, and the BN300 swiftly processes up to 1800 notes per minute, surpassing manual counting in both accuracy and time-saving.

Equipped with UV and magnetic thread detection technology, the BN300 ensures the identification of counterfeit notes, automatically pausing the count upon detection. Additionally, it halts counting when notes are stuck together, folded, or damaged, maintaining accuracy throughout.

Designed for user convenience, the BN300 features batch counting functionality, enabling the sorting of notes into desired value stacks effortlessly. Its dual LED displays facilitate easy monitoring of both total and batch counts, while the intuitive soft-touch control panel allows for seamless navigation and activation of all machine functions.

BN 300

Width - 10.6"

Depth - 10.2"

Height - 8.85"

Weight - 13.2 lbs

Speed - Variable (1800/1500/1200/900) / Min

Batch settings - Five pre-set batches (10, 20, 25, 50,100)

Stacker capacity - 300 banknotes

Currencies - Canadian & U.S

Technical Specifications

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