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The AST9000 represents a groundbreaking cassette-based teller cash recycler (TCR), tailored for high-volume cash processing in retail environments and bank branches. Engineered for top-notch performance, it ensures security, reliability, and notably swift cash processing, leading to significant operational efficiencies and productivity gains.

Featuring a conveniently located high-capacity input/output/reject slot, the AST9000 seamlessly accepts, authenticates, stores, and dispenses banknotes. Its recycling and storage capabilities are facilitated by a customizable array of cassettes.

Equipped with five scalable cash boxes/cassettes, the AST9000 offers a variety of flexible options and features, including single denomination recycling, dual denomination recycling, deposit-only functionality, and self-auditing capabilities.

Banknote detection is managed by a validator incorporating cutting-edge recognition and authentication technologies. This validator can be configured for authenticity detection alone or combined with banknote fitness sorting, ensuring compliance with regulations set by major global central banks.

With its compact size, appealing aesthetics, and ergonomic design, the AST9000 is well-suited for both retail back office environments and bank branches, providing an exceptional cash processing solution.

AST 9000

Deposit Speed - Up to 10 banknotes per second

Dispense speed - Up to 10 banknotes per second

Recycling Capacity - Up to 13,600 banknotes/ 5 cassettes

Self Audit Cassette - Up to 3400 banknotes* 

Total capacity - Up to 13,600 banknotes

Denominations -Up to 5 denominations to be recycled

Power - 100V-240VAC, 50Hz-60Hz

Size -  17.9"(W) x 33.7"(H) x 40.2"(D) 

Technical Specifications

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