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Driven by our flexible CAOS device operating system, retailers can customize how the system works specifically in their environments. The AST9000 note recycler utilizes cassettes for recycling. Each cassette can store up to 3,400 notes of a single denomination making it ideal for stores or environments where cash volumes are extremely high. The AST9000 is highly flexible with the option of dual denomination recycling cassettes. Surplus notes are stored in a dedicated deposit only cassette which can be emptied by the CIT operator.

AST 9000

Deposit Speed - 10 banknotes / second

Withdrawal speed - 10 banknotes / second

Storage capacity - 10,000 banknotes

Number of storage cassettes - 1 cassette 2,800 banknotes / cassette

Number of recycling cassettes - 4 cassettes 2,800 banknotes / cassette

Input / output capacity - 300 banknotes input capacity continuous feeding 100 banknotes output capacity

Safe and security - 5 mm, UL 291 and CEN L 40 mm (CEN III and CEN IV)

Banknotes per single recycling cassette - 3,400 banknotes

Technical Specifications

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