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The Armor 2400RBH safe features bill validators that can be removed to clear the occasional bill jam without having to open the safe’s main door. While the bill heads are removed, previously deposited notes remain inaccessible and securely stored in cassettes inside the safe. Products are designed and constructed to rigorous standards to protect contents and mitigate risks associated with internal and external losses. Each safe is equipped with industry leading bill recognition technology that provides the highest level of first-time bill acceptance and unsurpassed counterfeit detection. Counted funds are secured in cassettes for easy transport and deposit. This series may be configured for one or two bill validators. Every transaction is recorded and tracked through each user’s PIN, providing a detailed audit trail. Transaction receipts and reports can be printed on an integrated thermal printer, including end-of-day activity, cash removal, and individual user reports.

Armor 2400RBH

Width: 12” (305mm)

Depth: 23” (585mm)

Height: 25 1/4” (642mm)

Weight: approx. 165 lbs. (74.8kg)

Power: 110-120VAC 60Hz

Security: ½” steel plate self-locking vault door. Three 1-inch chrome-plated locking bolts protected by a drill resistant hard plate and a spring-loaded re-locker. Interlocking back flange to prevent hinge attack. Four floor holes for bolt down equipped with Drop drawer (7” W x 9” D x 1/2” H) User-friendly, liquid-resistant keypad

Features - Drop slot for manual deposits, User-friendly, liquid resistant keypad, Optional locking base for additional storage — height with optional base: 31” (788mm)

Electrical - voltage 90 – 240V AC, Frequency 50 – 60Hz, Power input 600W

Technical Specifications

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