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Secure and Intelligent cash handling solutions designed to help you achieve the highest level of accuracy and security in a fraction of the time it takes to manually process your revenue.



Counting and handling banknotes manually is time consuming, prone to errors and inefficient. Implement the right banknote solution for your business.

Cash Management


Selecting a scalable cash management and control solution that provides you with end to end cash management. This starts with understanding your needs and your requirements.



Whether you are counting the coins in a cash drawer at the end of a shift, or counting the contents of the cash box from a vending machine, having a fast accurate and efficient machine will save hours of valuable time.

grocery checkout transaction between woman and cashier

Gemsys cash recyclers help you save time that can be spent on more customer focused initiatives. Minimize manager interference with self service devices that allow cashiers to dispense their own coin and currency float at the start and end of their shift.

Gemsys automations provide banks, credit unions and caisse populaire branches and data centers with efficient solutions to manage the millions of transactions they process on a daily basis.

busy coffee shop

Gemsys provides the quick service restaurant industry across the country with premium and reliable currency and coin automation solutions designed to meet the demands of a fast-paced environment.

government building pillars

Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Government of Canada departments rely on our state of the art technology solutions. Gemsys has supplied the latest technology to all levels of the Canadian Government for over 24 years.

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Gemsys cash recyclers and WEBSAFE™ POS cash management solutions are deployed across the country helping retailers focus on what matters, the customer experience and ensuring service levels remain high.

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Gemsys helps the Gaming and Amusement industry maximize employee productivity by automating time-consuming money handling tasks with equipment which is secure from the cashier, to the cage through to the bank.

rail train in motion

Transit companies require cost effective and easy to use cash handling solutions to cope with the overwhelming and time consuming counting of fares received ensuring accuracy and efficiency. 

gas station convenience store

Gemsys products provide speed of service and security benefits that allow cash transactions to be processed quickly and safely something convenience, car wash and gas stations rely on in a industry that runs 24/7.

Get a comprehensive assessment of your existing operations, take the first step and book a free cash handling assessment with Gemsys now

Cash Handling Solutions from Experts

"Overall Gemsys has been great! The team is always very responsive when I have a question. The solution reduces labour, improved cash security and count accuracy. Without hesitation, I have brought several owners into my business to see what Gemsys WebSafe has done for me"

Bobby Jantz, Owner / Operator at Tim Hortons

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Secure and Intelligent Cash Handling

At Gemsys we understand that technology alone will not solve a problem unless it is configured, implemented and understood by all in order to meet the unique challenges of each business situation.

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WebSafe Technology

WebSafe is a cash management and control system for counting and handling cash in your business. Hardware and software components are configured to meet your specific business requirements.

One size doesn’t fit all. We work with you to configure the solution that works for your business. Years of hands on experience allows our sales and service professionals to provide you with the right solution.

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