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McDonald's Owner Saves 8,450 Hours Of Labor

McDonald's Owner Saves 8,450 Hours Of Labor

To provide Lo Food Enterprises with a solution to minimize cash handling labor. The organization has added up the time they currently spend handling cash are looking for a way to reduce it.

With increasing labor costs and business complexity, we need to find ways to increase efficiency without sacrificing business results.

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In addition to actual time spent counting tills and assembling deposits, we found human errors created extra administrative work and cost for our office, and additional bank charges.

Managers would get distracted with completion of other duties and skims not being completed presented a loss and security opportunity.

With a growing organization, the ability to remotely monitor and react to cash shortages was appealing.


We installed the Gemsys WebSafe system and CCIs across our organization’s locations at key guest contact points and in our cash handling areas.

“Our managers love Gemsys and the time and frustration it saves them of counting and trying to balance tills and make deposits.

With the amount of time and labor we’ve saved on this administrative complexity, it’s had positive effects on other areas of our business administration, and it’s been a worthwhile investment that our managers wouldn’t want to operate without now.”

Robbie Kreger-Smith - Operations Manager


In conjunction with armored car service, our restaurants have effectively cut the amount of time spent cash handling a total of 30-35 hours per week per store.


1. In a year and a half since installing the Gemsys WebSafe solution at our five traditional locations, we have had only one debit or credit memo from our banks, this used to be a multiple times a month occurrence.

2. We have more timely access to our cash +/- information, even when we are remote, and can react more quickly to prevent a misstep from becoming a significant profit loss opportunity.

3. Our managers no longer have to be at risk of attending to the bank to complete deposits and can instead focus that additional time on improving shift operations and systems and business administration activities.

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