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McDonald's Owner Reduces Armored Car Fee's By 50%

McDonald's Owner Reduces Armored Car Fee's By 50%

Jennifer requires a cash processing solution that enables her staff to spend less time on cash related activities and more time with guests.

Jennifer currently has armored car pick ups more than once per week resulting in higher cash pickup costs.

Objectif principal

Défi principal

Autres défis

Improve cash accountability with crew and managers.

Improve cash +/-


We installed the WebSafe™ solution consisting of WebSafe™ Cash Management Software, 3 CCi's and a cash scale in 3 of the restaurants

"To be able to find a system that improves daily cash processing; allowing our leaders to be
unburdened and to get back to the core of our business -- delivering an exceptional guest experience -- is brilliant! We have found such a system in WebSafe™. This cash handling system takes a necessary part of our business and makes it as easy and as “step-by-step” to complete as it is to make our iconic Big Mac. It’s the solution we didn’t fully know how much we needed until we integrated it into our daily routine. Our team loves it!"

Jennifer Antolin - Owner/Operator


WebSafe™ benefits our restaurants by saving our managers time, improving the cash security and cash reconciliation procedures while enhancing management morale. We bank more money in physical cash through better controls (cash +/- in each restaurant), in management labor savings (2+ hours per day/per traditional restaurant), and in lowered bank fees (50% savings in armored car and over $200 per month in deposit processing fees).


1. Overall, my days have become less stressful and easier to plan. I wouldn't want to go back, ever! From a shift management perspective, it has allowed me to remove some “mediocrity” from my day. Cash was always an obstacle because it had to be done. Cash is now no longer an obstacle, its as easy as checking your sales.

2. Cash +/- consistency has improved along with the overall accountability of crew and managers to cash +/- as we now have the ability to review cash +/- history by crew member.

3. My team finds the system easy to use and allows them to focus on what’s important. They spend more time on the floor actively leading and coaching, and they can leave work on time more often, improving their work/life balance.

4. Ability to review and reconcile remotely

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