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KNC Restaurants Reduces Cash Handling Labor By 72%

KNC Restaurants Reduces Cash Handling Labor By 72%

KNC Restaurants needs a way to increase security and efficiency while reducing cash handling labor. The solution needs to allow management to utilize management labor for on-floor activities to benefit the restaurant operation.

Cash Handling requires 20-25 hours per week per restaurant of management labor. This includes auditing registers, performing skims, cash balancing & creating deposits.

Objectif principal

Défi principal

Autres défis

Security of cash and staff during late-night operation.

Monitoring, and follow-up of cash control opportunities at various restaurant locations, in a timely and effective manner.


We installed the WebSafe™ solution consisting of WebSafe™ Cash Management Software, 3 CCi’s, and a cash scale at all locations. The WebSafe™ CCI™ cash depositories were located strategically at the main points of cash contact between guests & staff, and in the main cash handling area of the restaurant.

"Gemsys WebSafe™ solution has proven to be a worthwhile investment - both financially and from a people standpoint. Our managers love it, and the improved business results we obtain makes it a “must-have” technology addition for our restaurants."

Ken Schmidt - McDonald's Owner/Operator


WebSafe™ allowed for a reduction in the amount of time spent on cash handling, cash control and cash reconciliation. This not only enabled our managers to focus more time on completion of their other required tasks, but it also improved management morale. Often, tasks associated with the end of a shift routine (including cash reconciliation/ balancing, deposit completion, etc.) are stressful and time consuming. The WebSafe™ solution simplifies this process dramatically, and eliminates this “end of shift” stress.

Using WebSafe™, managers/supervisors can balance each shift in 5-15 minutes, and the entire cash handling process, including balancing the safe, is now completed in less than 1 hour per day


1. WebSafe™ securely stores all excess cash and puts it out of view and out of reach from potential robbery. Our staff and Managers report that they feel much safer with this solution in place.

2. Supervision of cash handling, and the awareness to any potential concerns in cash control, increased dramatically. Cloud-based technology enables real-time monitoring of the restaurant’s results, anytime, from any device, from anywhere.

3. Monthly cash +/- results improved at all locations. We can balance the safe quicker using the WebSafe™ cash scale and it eliminates the human error aspect of counting.

4. Stressful and time consuming tasks were eliminated and the overall benefits of the WebSafe™ solution improved quality of life for management personnel.

5. Improved accuracy in restaurant cash-handling results.

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