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Mid to large size offices will appreciate the HSM Classic 225.2 Level 4 Cross Cut Shredder. This shredder is capable of handling a heavy workload and is ideal to be placed in a central location for multi departmental use. The HS225.2 has a small footprint making it ideal for departments with limited space up to an entire floor. Made in Germany, the HSM Classic 225.2 offers high quality construction and durability.
The HSM Classic 225.2 offers technology that prevents paper jams wasting valuable time and possibly damaging the machine. JamStop Anti-Jam technology works to clear overloaded paper. The 225.2 also features a quiet, continuous duty motor for constant shredding with no down time. The waste bin is a generous size and has a built in sensor which stops the shredding process as soon as the bag is full. Automatic start / stop operation is controlled by a single on /off rocker switch with a built in reverse function. The HSM Classic 225.2 is made to endure long term use thanks to long wearing steel cutting rollers and a100% solid steel cutting cylinder that comes with a lifetime warranty.

HSM 225.2

Throat Size/Feed Opening - 12'' (304.8mm) 

Shred Size - 1/32"(0.0312mm)W x 3/16" 0.187mm)L 

Bin Capacity - 31.7 gal. Oiler Fully Automatic 

Security Level - 6/P-7 Cut Type Cross Cut 

Sheet Capacity - 10-12 sheets NSA Evaluated N/A 

Weight - 106 lbs. (48.08Kgs) 

Height - 35-1/5" (304.8mm) 

Width - 19-7/10" (500.38mm) 

Depth - 18-1/2" (469.9mm) 

Voltage - 120 V

Technical Specifications

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