Bobby Jantz’s Search for the Right Cash Management Solution

Canada’s Largest Fast Food Services Provider

Tim Hortons Inc. is a fast food restaurant chain, specializing in coffee and doughnuts items. It is Canada's largest quick service restaurant chain; as of 2020, it had a total of 4,949 restaurants Worldwide. The company has its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario.

Having Piece of Mind Regarding Cash Security

The Jantz family owns several Tim Hortons Restaurants in Calgary Alberta. When owner Bobby Jantz installed Websafe in seven of his restaurants in April of 2019, he was looking to modernize their cash handling process.

Automating the cash handling process:

The GEMSYS WebSafeTM automates the cash handling process from the point of sale

onward. It gives managers more time to serve guests, manage team members, reduce

waste and drive profit to the bottomline. 98% of the cash received at the POS can be secured by the system and never recounted by a manager. Becoming increasingly popular in the QSR market this product delivers on its promise to give managers back their time a very good reason for the investment!

“In an industry challenged with rising labour costs, WEBSAFE provides a platform to accurately count, track and record cash, all while minimizing labour” says Owner Bobby Jantz. “The flexibility and adaptability of WEBSAFE allows for ease of use and learning. We have had successful integration in all seven of our restaurants ranging from high volume drive-thru’s to low volume non-trads.”

Cash is secured at the POS which automatically reduces cash touch points and the amount of cash to be counted at the end of the shift and end of day. Cash moves from customer to cashier, from cashier to a secure depository (CCi). Time normally spent sorting; counting and rolling coin can be reallocated with automation of this process. Overall, accuracy of counts performed by the CCi's and counting equipment configured for your business improves the balancing process and minimizes deposit errors.

Improving Cash Handling Security

We had no equipment in six of our stores prior to WEBSAFE and had a solution by another provider in our seventh store which we have since removed and replaced with WEBSAFE. We have a person who travels to our stores to do the counting and deposits for each store. This was taking a great deal of time to complete.

Since implementing WEBSAFE, we have been able to save time and reduce the complexity of our cash handling process. WEBSAFE is a tool that allows our managers to do their job better. We used to make 49 deposits per week and now make 11 deposits per week at all of our stores. WEBSAFE has helped to modernize our cash handling process. WEBSAFE allows us to track everything that goes on in each of our stores and provide us with the security and peace of mind we were looking for.

"Overall GEMSYS has been great! The team is always very responsive when I have a question. Without hesitation, I have brought several owners into my business to see what GEMSYS WebSafe™ has done for me. The solution reduces labor, improves cash security and count accuracy. "

A cash management and control solution designed to reduce labour costs and secure cash from the point of sale to the bank. Hardware and software components are configured to meet the specific requirements of each business. The phrase "one size fits all" does not apply here. System design may vary based on specific requirements of each customer. Whether you're operating a full service restaurant or a small kiosk operation, WebSafe can be configured to meet your requirements.

Like Bobby, many business owners realize the importance utilizing their staff and managers properly. Reducing the time spent counting and managing cash allows staff and managers to focus on more productive critical tasks such as: enhancing the guest experience, operational efficiencies, managing costs such as food costs, paper costs, waste etc. Most importantly, making sure the business runs smoothly and profitably.

GEMSYS Money Handling Systems

GEMSYS is a leading innovator in the design, deployment and support of cash management and control solutions. Since 1988, GEMSYS has supplied currency, coin and cheque processing equipment to businesses all over North America. All products and systems are supported by our dedicated team of trained technicians and approved business partners.

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