Currency Counters

Implement the right banknote solution so you can count and process banknotes quickly and more accurately

Fast & Accurate

Our Currency Counters are able to count up to 1,500 bills per minute without sacrificing accuracy, reliability, or crucial detection capabilities.

Small & Compact

All of our Currency Counters are small & compact units. Count by weight machines offer the smallest footprint of any unit and will function on battery power for flexibility.

Easy to Use

Not everyone is tech-savvy, so selecting a machine that provides plug and play functionality out of the box is key. Simplicity and accuracy will provide the best return on investment for years to come.

Gemsys counters will count Canadian & U.S banknotes

All of our banknote counters will process Canadian and U.S banknotes. Discrimination counters and sorters can also be configured to handle other currencies such as Euro, pound sterling, and others

Currency Counters

Friction type mechanical devices or count by weight Currency Counting Machines designed to meet the requirements for a wide range of applications

Currency Counters

CountEasy TS

Currency Counters


Currency Counters


Currency Counters

Advantec 75

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