1) Do you want to reduce the labour costs associated with handling cash in your business? 

WebSafe reduces time spent counting cash by 70%. The time saved can be put towards crucial revenue generating activities.


2) Internal theft can cripple your business. Are you protected? 

WebSafe will secure your cash and reduce the number of times it’s handled in your business which in turn reduces risk and improves controls.


3) How much time do your managers waste on routine repetitive tasks such as counting money? 

WebSafe reduces labour costs, reduces risk, and improves controls around handling cash in your business.



What is WebSafe?

WebSafe is a cash management and control system for counting and handling cash in your business. Hardware and software components are configured to meet your specific business requirements. One size doesn’t fit all. We work with you to configure the solution that works for your business. Years of hands on experience allows our sales and service professionals to provide you with the right solution.

It provides a better way to manage cash:



Less time spent counting cash. Transactions are completed more efficiently, accurately, and securely


Customer Engagement

More time can now be allocated to providing better customer service and operating your business


Advanced Credit

Advanced funds on cash secured in WebSafe


Deposit Service

Optional armored carrier to securely pick-up and deposit cash, eliminating the need for your staff to do so


Decrease Labor Costs

Bills are counted and verified automatically at the point of sale


Deter Theft

Complete audit trail of all cash transactions


Detect Counterfeits

Verification of bills at the point of sale eliminate acceptance of counterfeits


Web Access 24/7

Remote access to cash secured by WebSafe and detailed management reporting



How Does it Work?

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Front Counter: Cash is accepted and dispensed at the point of sale (POS) by a cashier. Typically cash transactions are handled manually by the cashier dealing with the customer. The number of bills and coins will vary with each transaction, so having the right tools for the job is critical in order to provide accuracy and maintain speed of service. WebSafe will provide the tools to count and secure cash and automate the transaction process to reduce mistakes and improve speed of service.

Back Office: Typically at the end of the shift and at the end of the day businesses count the bills and coins received in the back office before being deposited to the bank. This method of handling cash receipts has not changed in hundreds if not thousands of years. Today’s technologies now make this process less labour intensive, secure and accurate. WebSafe cash management and control systems dramatically reduce the number of times cash is handled by staff and in doing so reduces labour costs and improves security and controls.

Armoured Transport: In order for most businesses to receive credit for cash deposits, the cash has to be deposited into the bank. The bank deposit can be delivered to the bank by the owner or manager of the business, or transported to the bank by an armoured cash in transit company. Today’s technologies allow banks to receive electronic deposits for cash held in secure devices at the customer site. WebSafe cash management solutions can provide electronic deposits eliminating the need to visit the bank on a daily basis.

Bank: In today’s busy business environment, it may not make sense to visit the bank on a daily basis. Having advanced credit for cash deposits will allow many businesses to reduce the number of times per week they have to visit their bank, freeing up valuable time to focus on business. WebSafe cash management and control system will provide pick up and deposit information for your armoured transport company to schedule cash pick up’s according to your requirements.

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