Loblaw Companies has been a loyal customer of Gemsys Money Handling Systems for approximately 15 years. During this tenure Gemsys has been our main provider of currency counters. In my current role as Director of Front End Operations for 445 conventional Loblaw stores I have had the opportunity to work with Brady Metcalf. For the past 6 years Brady and Gemsys have not only provided us with money counters, they also provided exceptional service. We are currently transitioning to weighed money counters in all conventional and hard discount locations. I am extremely pleased with the product and excellent support we have been given from Brady and Gemsys. I would recommend the product and the company to anyone who is in the market for money handling equipment.

Sue Farrow
Front End Specialist Loblaws Companies

Following a demonstration by Gemsys, the Town of Whitby purchased two of the SB-7’s, with printers, for use in the Tax and Finance departments. These units have been in use for a few weeks and we have found them to be reliable. They have helped us to achieve 1) Accurate and fast results in cash handling efficiencies. 2) Flawless handling of the new polymer notes mixed with the existing paper notes 3) Counterfeit detection – The SB-7 has already detected a counterfeit 20 dollar bill. 4) Ability to count mixed denominations and obtain a detailed print out. Gemsys sells various money handling equipment and systems. The Currency Discrimination Counter Model SB-7 meets our current need and I would recommend this equipment for any municipality looking to improve efficiencies with their cash handling.

Nelson MB Tellis
Treasury Services The Town of Whitby

The Tim Horton Children’s Foundation has been using Scan Coin products supplied by Gemsys Money Handling Systems Inc. for over 10 years. During that time Gemsys has provided an excellent level of service and support for all of the products they have supplied to us.   We presently use Scan Coin models SC4000 high speed coin sorter and Scan Coin model SC22 coin sorter/wrapper has allowed us to sort, count and wrap all denominations of coins efficiently and with minimal effort.   In our Coin Room the goal is to reduce the time and labour it requires to wrap our mixed coin, while maintaining the highest quality of work and accuracy.Gemsys products and services allow us to effectively maintain these goals and quality.

Norm Salisbury
Cash Room Manager Tim Horton's Children's Foundation

Gemsys have been supplying products to our Canadian Tim Horton’s restaurant owners for approximately fifteen (15) years. Jack Lord, President maintains direct contact with the TDL Group Corp. ensuring the integrity of approved product specifications, inventory procurement and service support meets the demands and expectations of our chain. Gemsys currently supplies currency counting, coin sorting and wrapping and counterfeit detection equipment. We appreciate and value our long term partnership with Gemsys and are confident they will continue to provide the expertise and products required to protect the business interest interest of our valued owners.

Judy Hall
Director of Equipment Purchasing Tim Hortons, the TDL Group Corp