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Shear Tech EN-5800E


Product Description

The EN-5800E cheque encoding machine is a heavy duty desktop cheque encoder with an automatic feeding cheque feeding system. The automatic cheque feeding system allows the user to load up to 300 cheques at once into the machine and encode and endorse in a single pass. The automatic cheque feeding system greatly reduces the amount of time taken to process cheques, the EN5800-E also comes equipped standard with an endorsement ability to endorse the back of the cheques. The EN5800-E has a linear cheque path which allows the cheques to be encoded and endorsed in a single pass.

The EN5800-E cheque encoding machine is designed for high volume applications and is easy to use. The detachable keyboard allows the user to set up their workstation in an ergonomically efficient manner. The EN5800-E is easy to program and comes equipped with a Flash card which allows the set-up and programming of the machine to be saved and transferred from one machine to another. The EN5800-E cheque encoding machine has the ability to program up to 50 separate endorsement lines.


  • Integrated auto feeder
  • High speed (48 char/sec), high quality MICR printing
  • Designed for high volume processing
  • Easy to program
  • Detachable stacker
  • Flash Card – Allows saving of programs
  • Endorser – Ink jet dot matrix


  • Width: 15.7”
  • Height: 6.7”
  • Depth: 14”
  • Weight: 28 lbs


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