CIMA NT5 7000

Product Description

The CIMA 7000 NT5 is a currency dispenser and recycler that will improve security and improve the speed of service by accepting and dispensing all denominations of currency quickly and efficiently. Operational efficiency and branch security can be greatly enhanced by the use of the CIMA NT5 7000. In addition to improving the speed of service to your customers, the NT5 7000 currency dispenser and recycler will also allow you to improve teller productivity.


  • The CIMA 7000 NT5 is an automatic cash in-cash out recycling unit representing Cima’s answer to the speed and security needs of bank branches. Designed to guarantee very high performances in counters with many cash transactions, AST 7000 NT5 ensures the security and reliability needed to project open branches, allowing at the same time to speed up cash processing operations.
  • The teller cash recycler handles the storage, safekeeping (the safe is available in 5 mm, UL291, CEN L or CEN III), and distribution of banknotes through one input pocket. The unit is equipped with 8 recycling drums with a capacity of up to 700 banknotes each.


  • Dimensions:5 mm, 12 mm (UL 291 and CENL), 40 mm (CEN III)
  • Weight:from 165 kg to 480 kg according to configuration
  • Electrical characteristics: Voltage 90 – 240 V AC, Frequency 50 – 60 Hz, Power input 600 W
  • Connections: Serial port RS232 or USB 1.0 port or Ethernet
  • Number of drums handled: 8
  • Deposit capacity: up to 700 banknotes in each drum
  • Banknotes detector: Authenticity ECB certified, Possibility of multi-currency operation, Fitness ECB certified
  • Deposit and withdrawal speed: up to 7 banknotes per second
  • Security: Handling of 20 time bands, 3 different alarm outputs, 2 different alarm inputs, Timed handling of locks
  • Size of the banknotes handled: Length 100 mm – 190 mm, Width 60 mm – 82 mm
  • Options: PC Board, 60mm thermal printer, hard disk, 5.7” TFT touch screen


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