a) What currency counting machines can process the new polymer bank notes?

All current Gemsys currency counters will count both paper and the new polymer bank notes. Some existing models can be upgraded to handle the new polymer bank notes. Call today for additional information.

b ) How does GEMSYS products and services stack up in comparison to competitive brands?

Gemsys is committed to providing all of their customers with quality products supported by excellent service and support. For almost 25 years we have been providing money handling equipment and systems to customers across North America. We take the time to understand our customers operations and requirements, and recommend the right solution to meet those requirements. Our customers deal with Gemsys because we provide a wealth of knowledge, experience and insight on how to reduce labour costs and improve security controls. Understanding our customer’s needs and operations allows us to ensure the solutions we provide are used in the most efficient manner to provide the best possible return on investment.

c ) What technological changes have occurred in the past 2 or 3 years when it comes to counting coins and bills?

Gemsys supply chain partners include some of the world’s largest manufacturers of coin and currency processing equipment. This world of knowledge allows us to continually introduce solutions that allow our customers to improve their operations. The introduction of cost effective desktop currency discriminators has allowed many of our customers to reduce labour costs, and improve the accuracy of their deposits. Self-service retail cash processing terminals, WebSafe cash management software for remote data capture, and Cheque image and archive systems are some of the solutions that are available.
Contact a Gemsys sales professional for additional information.

d ) Do you offer any financing opportunities for your products?

Gemsys will be pleased to discuss all available financing options. Leasing and rent to own programs are available subject to credit approval.

e ) How do I register my product under warranty?

Warranty registration will be completed by Gemsys and your service and support options will also be provided.

f ) How can I order money handling supplies and consumable products?

Visit the supplies section of our Website to begin ordering safely and securely online. Alternatively call our order desk at 1-800-465-0465 in Eastern Canada and 1-877-876-6042 in Western Canada.

g ) How do I book a service call?

Go to the SUPPORT TAB AND SELECT “PLACE A SERVICE CALL”. Complete the service request form to place a service call. Alternatively contact our service and support team at serice@gemsysinc.on.ca or call 1-800.465.0465 in Eastern Canada or 1.877.876.6042 in Western Canada.

h ) If something goes wrong with my product what kind of assistance do you offer?

Gemsys service and support is second to none in the industry. We offer a wide range of support options to meet the requirements of our customers. Support options include on site preventative maintenance, advanced replacement, and remote technical support. A Gemsys service professional or one of our many service and support partners is there to help. With one click or one call we will take care of your needs.

i ) Are your products certified?

All Gemsys products are certified by the Canadian Standards Association or the Electrical Safety Authority for use in Canada.

j ) How do I find out which machine is right for me?

In order to narrow down the available options please visit the “WHAT WE DO” section on this site and select the specific industry that you work in. You will now be presented with a few of the more popular products that we supply to that industry. Also use our “NEEDS ANALYSIS” calculator which will provide you with the approximate cost of processing cash in your business. Alternatively give us a call at 1.800.465.0465 for Eastern Canada or 1.877.876.6042 for Western Canada and one of our sales professionals will be pleased to assist you.

k ) My current machine is not compatible with the new coins and/or polymer bills, what options do I have?

Gemsys offers a wide range of coin and currency processing products that are all compatible to count and process Canadian and U.S bank notes and coins. Contact us today for additional information.

l ) My equipment is not functioning correctly with the new polymer bank notes, What can I do?

We have been working with our supply chain partners to update our equipment to function correctly with the new polymer bank notes. All of our currency equipment is guaranteed to be polymer compatible and work correctly.

m ) I’ve heard that the Mint is going to introduce a $5 coin is that correct?

We work closely with the Royal Canadian Mint and the Bank of Canada. If there are new coins or bank notes being introduced we will be notified long before they are released into circulation.

n ) Why should I do business with Gemsys and what is different about their equipment?

After being in the money handling business for almost 25 years we have learned a thing or two about the most efficient ways to process currency. Our customers continue to buy from us because we stand behind everything we supply, and we recommend the right product and solutions for our customers.

o ) Buying a money handling equipment over the internet vs. buying a money handling equipment from Gemsys

The internet is a wonderful research tool, in fact many of our newer customers find us over the Web. When selecting a supplier we recommend that you buy from local company as you require hands-on service at some point. Returning products for repair out of the country is a hassle and can be very expensive. We provide after sales service and support across the country and have local representatives to help you.

p ) Do you offer trade in for my old equipment?

Yes, we will be pleased to take your older equipment on trade. Speak with our sales professionals for additional information on trade-in credits available to you.

q ) Will Gemsys dispose of my current machine if I purchase a machine from them?

Gemsys is committed to a cleaner environment and works hard to reduce unnecessary waste and contamination going to the landfill. Gemsys will dispose of any trade-in equipment in a cost effective/environmentally safe way.