Counterfeit Polymer $100 Bills Found in British Columbia

Counterfeit Polymer $100 Bills Found in British Columbia

Police in New Westminster are now warning Canadian’s to keep an eye out for counterfeit $100 notes, where seven counterfeit versions of the $100 bill were spotted in British Columbia last May.

The counterfeit notes which lack several security features featured on the genuine version were first seen last April when a grocery store mistakenly accepted two fake $100.00 notes.

Right after Police in BC stated that 5 more versions of the fake bills were seized when an individual attempted to deposit them into a bank.

The counterfeit notes lack three features in comparison to the original. Those features are:

1)      Raised ink

2)      The reflective ‘100s’ in the holographic decorated image near the missing flag

3)      The Canadian flag on top of the building in the holographic decorated image

What does that means for you?

Despite the security features of the new polymer notes, counterfeiters have still found a way to circulate fake versions of those notes with success.

The most accurate way to prevent your business from being a victim of receiving counterfeit notes is to have counterfeit detection equipment available. Whether you count low or high volumes of cash, we have an equipment to suit your needs to help you win the fight against counterfeiters.

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