Rick Cooper, Multiple Store Owner

Rick Cooper, owner of 3 Tim Horton’s locations main challenge was reducing the time team members spent on counting 8 separate tills from three different store locations after each shift. Rick also wanted to: Simplify the process to count and roll the coin, reduce loss time and productivity which was a result of counting and recounting cash and coins, reduce the potential for lost bank notes, reduce the number of people dealing with cash and increase security especially on the midnight shift. Rick was seeking a simple, convenient and secure cash management solution which counts, validates and secures all incoming cash at the Point of Sale.

With Gemsys WebSafe Rick was able to achieve the following cash management objectives:

  • Simplifying the process for managers to count and roll the coin
  • Reducing the frequency of daily bank deposits
  • Restricting cash handling to Manager(s) only
  • Saving two hours per day which is now better spent with customer engagement and customer retention activities
  • Providing more security and control over the money


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