The deposit-taking institutions include banks, credit unions and caisses populaires. The banking sector is made up of 14 domestic banks, 33 foreign bank subsidiaries and 16 foreign bank branches. However, the 6 largest Canadian banks account for about 90 per cent of total bank assets. Canada’s banks operate through an extensive network that includes over 8,000 branches and close to 17,000 automated teller machines across Canada. Canada’s banks also provide a range of services beyond deposit taking and lending.

Canada’s financial institutions operate through an extensive branch network that includes over 9,000 branches and close to 18,000 automated banking machines (ATMs) across the country. Banks, Credit Unions and Caisse Populaires rely on automation to provide their branches and data centres with efficient solutions to manage the millions of transactions they process on a daily basis.  Efficient  cash processing solutions enable financial institutions to reduce operating costs and provide customers with numerous self service services such as cash withdrawal, cash and coin deposit, and electronic cheque capture and settlement,  Gemsys products and solutions are used throughout the financial services industry.

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